Chimney Removal

How prepared are you for a large earthquake!?
Brick Chimneys can be dangerous and even more so when an earthquake hits.

The coverage of the devastating Canterbury earthquakes showed how dangerous brick chimneys can be, with thousands of chimneys collapsing and damaging roofs or destroying ceilings, many of them ornate and irreplaceable.

The question is where will that chimney end up after a big earthquake?

Villa Services provide the following earthquake-protection services:

  • Chimney demolition & removal

  • Earthquake risk assessments

  • Earthquake compliance

  • Earthquake strengthening

Remove your chimney and you could use that extra space for a lovely wardrobe, pantry, extra room space or even an ensuite.

Dave and his team will leave a seamless finish and no evidence of a chimney ever being there at all.

We offer inspections to report on hazards in your home or office and will recommend remedies for you.

Check out some of our previous work from start to finish and get in touch to sort your chimney.

Chimney and Sky

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